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I need happy fic recs

(It doesn’t have to be rainbows and unicorns, just happier than the stuff I’ve been reading lately. Which really won’t be difficult.)

So, what are your favourites?

  1. caeli1701 answered: Here’s my destiel rec list. Try the romance/drama section and the romance/humor/drama section. miss-ciel.livejournal.c…
  2. mkatsi answered: Happy fics? Such a thing exists!? Phaa, I am all about the spangel angst.
  3. candycornvampirequeen answered: what about Dean having trouble admiting he’s in love with Cas, and Sam as a good Destiel fan, tryng to push hm to admit it
  4. ponytailofrighteousjustice answered: You should try reading Rizzoli and Isles fan fics. This is a rizzles/castle cross over…
  5. remivel answered: i-like-it-in-the-slash…. It’s arranged by the mood you want. there’s a whole section for happy fics.
  6. hannahisdead answered:…
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