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Brendan sjskdaskdjadjkslf he’s being surprisingly nice to Mitzeee. And sjkadlajsd them both with the photographer. ASDFGHJSDld, Bren

Now they are “dating” and it’s kinda wonderful. She was naked on a white horse and Brendan was wearing this great suit an sunglasses and lead the horse past photographers. I don’t know why. Warren has finally taken that damn ugly coat off. I think he is trying to attract Brendan’s attention what the fuck am I talking about??

  1. thesushifer said: AHahahahahahah xDDD I’m totally not as bad as you. I’m just sitting here and crying because I can’t find Brenker fics and coming up with different storylines for them while googling Emmett Scanlan and Neil Newbon. And that was all a lie… YUP. LIE.
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