@SoVeryBritish is basically my entire existence transformed into a twitter account


I’m really emotional over Rob rn it’s pretty bad


do you ever see old people and ask their name and think “wow that’s a good name for an old person” and then wonder how they lived life as a young person with an old person name

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you know those feels

when you’re so into something

and you just wanna talk about it all the time but everyone else around you would be like. no. 

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Do you ever fangirl so hard that you just…

embarrass yourself. Alone. In your room.

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My life is a struggle between wanting to watch what I haven’t yet watched and wanting to rewatch what I have…

whenever i watch a show with my family i like to throw in bits of trivia about the writers, actors, original script… that sort of thing

they’re never as awed as they should be tbh

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That awkward moment when everytime you hear “Fantastic!”, you immediately associate it with the Doctor.


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That moment where you realize none of your friends are into your obessions like you are, but then you come on to Tumblr, where people get you.


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